Friday, July 16, 2010

Long time no see...

Bout 6months i din updated my blog...dunno still got supporter ornot..
the latest blog said..i work at Lavender 4 months d...
now alry 10 months..time past so fast..
but i alry resign resignation period until 31july..
guess wat is my next plan??
Im going Taiwan!!! (if money successful transfer to my acc lar) hehe...
goin thr taking a short course with chef lim (my school chef)
wa...if i really go ar...i take many many pic arrrrr.....
after tht im heading to melbourne, Australia...hehe..
i got a job thr d...oli left the agreement contract haven the outline alry okie lar!!!
yeah...2 travelling in 1 year...very great...
but i gonna miss my family much...till now thy are still my supportive fans!!(after i spend alot of their $$$)

i love u popo, love u uncle...
love u mom,protect me frm heaven ya...
love my sister, don worry, i will buy u present de...
n take care yaself daddy...

i and patrick will got a new experiance, and we definately will take care ourselve de...
miss ya Dear Janice, Dear Zi lin, and mei ling...
miss ya mattson and xiao bu...
(pls lar....seem like i gonna die like tht ....wakakakaa....)
happy ma me...also dunno wat i write d...hehe..

k lar...nite...
leave some comment lar..very boring oli me talking to myself lar...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 a part of Lavender Pavilion already for 4 months lu..
in this period..i improve my baking skills alot..
frm a wat also dunno de gal till now im the head at cake make up department..gee..thx alot to them tht use alot of time n patient 2 teach this stupipd meimei..
new junior coming in will be under me..i gonna teach she/he to take over my deparment..
thn i hv 2 move on to Lavender bakery n bistro thr ma..
i n 1 senior baker gonna go thr 2 fight d..gaga..scare..
Gao Yi, a Taiwan baker gonna lead us till we all balance..thn he hv 2 go back to Bukit Tinggi at Klang thr..another outlet thr ma...
thn i n Edwin(senior baker) will be the oli 2 "old folks" thr lu..
i know i didn work at the wrong place..
i can get in this position is all my luck..if not i think i still staying at pavilion till duno whn lor~~

is been a real hard time with andy..finally i broke up alry..
is been a real hard time i be with some1 i shouldn..a gal..tht me make me fall in love to her..
bt finally she dump me too..
struggle all long way to this point..
concentrate on my working..
cant imagine in a relationship again..
with some1 older then me 6 he jus lk a kid tht alwis make me smile..
started to end other chances and kip goin on lk this will me very comfortable..
age is not the main point..his look is not the main point..
love is the main..
i don dare to say jus a feel tht bond us..
he is my head chef..he is the 1 tht control all kl Lavender Bakery production area..
he is the 1 tht teach all of us..
he is the 1 tht give me advise..he is the 1 tht make me smile for this moment..
i real hope..this will be longer then i tot..
being love is the most blissful things for me..

Love u Patrick!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

wil this be real..i 1 playing no 1 rite??
mind gonna blown up soon..
haix..very fan ar!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

itz time to give up?
will he be happy with her?
im so fan ar..
thy r such a lovely couple..
im nothing..


i und..u still lub her de..
cos she also been a very important person 4 u for some time..
she is some1 u be with for some period..
is good to be not cruel...considering ppl feel..
is a good point..u r kind hearted..

no matter wat..the black clouds will end too..
no matter the answer is good or bad..
wat i nid is time to flow..
like letting the fate to flow with time..
altou i really wish for smt..
bt i also hv my own probs here..
i might jus hv the same feeling as u feel..
bt..i can think..
n i think rite now..
not lk u..think nonsense..
rite now..the sun is to see u happy happy whn u chat or meet me..

i found my sun..for now..
u found it d le ma??

Monday, November 30, 2009


im very geram now...
silly me oli bcos of a bunch of long hair i cried..

tht stupiak hair stylish lar..
i neva have confident to let other saloon 2 touch my hair de..
bt i think my hair r real fuzzy now so i decided 2 give a try..
i hv a long long hair..jus a bunch at the back thr..
it till waist thr d lor..
i love it cos it make me proud..
every1 like my hair..
thy ask how can i grow jus 1`bunch of hair?
i alry told tht guy don cut it..
i didn realise it at whn i reach klcc meet my frens..
i look at the mirror..y so short d?
haix..cut d lar..
heart very pain lor..
nexttime go back to my saloon thr..
i hv 2 ask thm 2 cut back short short thn oli can c back my tail thr..
i love my hair..

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I hope im not ya burden..
i hope everything get fine..
is real tire kip on lk tis..

i miss u alot...